Master in Art Direction and New Narratives

An art director has the ability to establish continuous visual dialogues with an audience, while portraying stories and transmitting ideas through eye-catching aesthetic strategies. To achieve this, it is essential to implement a transversal approach that brings the best of each creative field into the generative process.


To do so, we will follow 3 main principles: experimentation, experience and expression. This formula generates a permanent workshop format, through which we explore different expressive possibilities, like photography, animation, fashion or even gaming; while propelling the narrative composition of them.

This is a year-long master in english. The program pursues a natural flow, that starts with a solid base of theory (which we will apply, question and remake through the master) and continues with immersive workshops, in order to achieve the proper tools and mindset for generating powerful aesthetic narratives.

Master in Art Direction and New Narratives. Título propio UVic-UCC.

→ Lucia Colombo
→ Bernard Arce 

Course Lenght
11 months starting on September.


La Rambla 30-32

08002 Barcelona (España)


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